Pitch Deck

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This book is intended for Entrepreneurs and companies with a vision to succeed. It has practical guidelines that make it easy for the reader to understand its content and also make the best use of it.
It is written by Dr. Shaan Kumar, an expert who has many years of experience in the field, has well-researched content in the book, presenting it in a simple, concise, and easy to learn format.
It contains practical approaches that can help Solopreneurs, consultants, home-based business start-ups and fast-growing companies put in the required effort that will turn their vision into realities by learning how to formulate a vision by converting a burning desire into a visual reality.



Turning a dream into reality, a tangible outcome is something that is more often very difficult to do. Imagine you have set some goals that need to be achieved in a year, and when you review what you have done, you have discovered that you have not achieved upto expectation. This is because there is no adequate planning, preparation of action towards making that vision become a reality. There are three factors that are to be considered  in turning dreams into reality. They are: VISION, PLAN, ACTION