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Born2win is a creation by Dr. Shaan Kumar, the penning icon or the author entrepreneur. As a serial entrepreneur and motivational mentor he is instrumental in transforming the entrepreneurial world. The book revolves around skill rather than luck as a skill can be learned. The motivational educationalist offers this bundle as a guide in developing these skill sets. Born2Win bundle guides you through the steps to shift the odds in your career, business, social interactions, and life. Never before has such a terse yet complete instruction manual for winning ever been published.



  • Arouse the sleeping giant.
  • Abolish the fear factor and get to the groundwork?
  • Maximize success achieving everything you want.
  • Work towards massive entrepreneurial success.
  • Be equipped with valuable experience with real-world people.
  • This package steers through negativity to positivity.
  • Develop into the multimillion-dollar mindset of winners.
  • Act as a gateway for ultimate success. It empowers you to take the stepping stone to your massive success.

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