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The Vision Planner + VPA Handbook Will Boost Your Focus. Willpower. Performance. Productivity.

Start Your Online Coaching and Consulting Venture.

Create a VPA to become a “Certified VPA Coach.”

Become a Certified VPA Trainer

Buy The VPA Handbook


Create a clear Vision - To become a Certified VPA Trainer. Then, visualize a powerful long-term Vision to become a "Successful Millionaire Coach."


Make a realistic strategic Plan. The Vision Planner will help you create a quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily plan. If you wish, you can transform into a superhuman in just 90-days!


Get ready to take Massive Action. The Vision Planner will guide you step-by-step to create a rock-solid daily routine to execute your daily tasks and todos.

Buy VPA Handbook Today! $9.99 Only (60% Off)

Are you ready to grow yourself from rock bottom to a rockstar lifestyle?


  • Step 1: Congrats! You have taken the first step by visiting this page. So, we are glad to offer you 60% Off.

    • You can buy The Vision Planner + The VPA Handbook for just $39/- only.

  • Step 2: Become a lifetime member of SK University. Enroll and earn your credential as a “Certified VPA Trainer.”

    • We are happy to offer you a One-Time-Offer, a whopping 80% Discount if you decide to enroll today. Become a “Certified VPA Trainer” for just $99 ($499 Regular Price).

  • Step 3: Create a simple/beautiful website. Well, we will guide you with that, not to worry!

    • It’s time to start selling The Vision Planner and VPA Certifications to students, learners, fresh graduates, and job seekers. Your target is to enroll 30 students per month for $99/- each. You will start with 5 enrollments per month and be able to achieve 20 enrollments per month in 3 to 6 months with our personalized mentoring to do sales and marketing.

  • Step 4: Getting started. It’s time for you to Learn2Earn.

    • Let’s assume you will be able to learn, understand, master the VPA certification and earn the credentials during the first 90 days.

  • Step 5: Enroll in our experts-only “Train-The-Trainers” Program

    • The Train-The-Trainer program is absolutely FREE. Limited time offer, if you make the right decision to enroll today.

    • We will train and coach you to train end-users (students) and train-the-trainers including the Digital Marketing techniques to grow your coaching and consulting business. We will help you launch your new venture with a grand opening.


Buy The Vision Planner + VPA Handbook Combo $39/- Only.

  • Step 6: What’s Next? Grow 10X

    • Let’s assume you are going to reach 20 enrollments per month in the 4th month from your launch date. That’s your first step to success.

    • You will be invited to enroll in the 10X  Mantra Program (At No Cost, totally FREE for “Ambitious Achievers”).

    • We will coach you to create a 10X Vision for your new venture to achieve 10X Growth and master how to earn 10X Income in just a few months/years depending on your past experience.

Hurry up! Master The Six Simple Steps to your Strategic Success!

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