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Welcome To the TRANSFORM Program

Total Transformation Mastery 2022

Unleash the Power of Neuroplasticity: Expand Your Brainpower.

Start Fresh:
A New LIFE 2.0

Expand | Enhance | Empower

The TRANSFORM program is full of great new ideas and methods that work to nurture your life, evolve your mindset, to help you maintain harmony, and perfect balance throughout your life while building wealth and abundance. I am extremely confident that your life will be filled with total peace and happiness. Consider this my personal guarantee, if you follow through, and complete this program!

Begin Your Next Chapter: You’ll experience a New LIFE 2.0 when you undergo the TRANSFORM Program and it’s mainly designed to make you a Visionary to see things beyond your current thinking, thoughts, and imagination. In the end, you will get RICH and SUCCESSFUL. So, What’s LIFE 2.0 means to you;

Luxury Lifestyle
Independent of all
Freedom of time and money
Empower Yourself

In Jan 2022, we launched a Visionary Tool –  The Vision Planner Limited Edition. It is your roadmap to sustained success and personal blueprint for your total transformation.

If you follow THE VISION PLANNER step-by-step every day, believe me, you will TRANSFORM your Body, Mind, and Spirit in just 90 days:

  • Thoughtful: Your thinking and thought process would all be about becoming #1 in life.
  • Reputable: You will earn credibility, reputation, and recognition among peers.
  • Ambitious: You’ll think and dream big. You will go after big visions and major goals
  • Natural: You will develop an innate talent and natural ability for problem-solving.
  • Successful: Success comes from within. You will stay positive and achieve ultimate success.
  • Futuristic – You will inherit capabilities far and beyond your imagination.
  • Omniscient: You will experience total awareness and complete understanding of your life.
  • Resilient – You will become the hardest, most resilient, and beautiful like a diamond.
  • Manifestor – You will develop a visionary mindset and become an indispensable manifestor.

T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M Program is powered by VPA (Vision Plan Action Model), 10X Mantra, and the Trilogy of Ultimate Success!

The “TRANSFORM Program and The Vision Planner” was designed by SK and his expert team of successful investors and entrepreneurs who are elite subject matter experts, mainly for planning and guiding young Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, emerging and fast growing Visionary Entrepreneurs to Launch high-tech and Disruptive Startups in just 90-100 days. It was also helpful for them to raise Series A and B Venture Capital Funding by preparing them to become a highly scalable profitable venture. 

In 2022, we have redesigned the New VPA Model and “The Vision Planner Series” for Everyone including Professionals, Leaders, Entrepreneurs and every Ambitious Visionary no matter who you are. Watch this video, to discover the THREE Magical words – VPA is the most powerful tool that will enable you to make the impossible possible in your life.

Discover What These Three Magical Words Can Do For You! “Watch This Video”

To Become a Superstar in Your Career, Business and Real-life. Schedule A Call With SK.

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The Vision Planner Entrepreneur Edition

The VPA Planner is Powered by The Trilogy of Success: Undated 90 Days Planner that includes Law of Attraction, Law of Success, and 10 Levels of Success. It's a 100X Productivity Tool to manage; Daily Weekly Monthly Goals, Tasks, Team, Targets, Timelines and Todos. Available in Three Beautiful Colors with Elegant Gold finish.

“Well designed, venture focussed, and featured content. Ideal for young and fast growing entrepreneurs. I personally loved it...”

Jeff GoldmanFounder and CEO of Venture Central, Menlo Park, CA

Why Choose TRANSFORM Program? And What is the need of the hour?

Let me answer the second question first. The need of the hour is, you will definitely experience 100% Growth if not 100X Success post pandemic, that is 2022-2023, if you start today.

You will only be able to join SK Mastermind for FREE, trained and mentored by SK himself, only this year 2022. After that, his Certified Trainers, Success Coach, Life and Action Coaches (which could be one of you) will deliver this program starting April 2023. There is only 100 Seats Worldwide - Of which, 50 is reserved for United States, then 25 for India, and the rest will be distributed worldwide.

There are plenty of articles, books and blog posts on motivation, success, and personal development that tell you how to become more motivated and successful. Often, they give tips like ‘getting more sleep’ and ‘introducing new habits slowly’.
These ideas are all useful to an extent but they ultimately fall short. If you struggle with motivation and can’t keep yourself focused on new tasks, then a tip like this isn’t going to transform your ability to focus overnight.
And if you struggle to motivate yourself, how are you expected to keep up the changes that lead to greater motivation? It’s something of a vicious circle don’t you think?
If you really want to see changes, then you need to look a little deeper. You need to focus on the actual neuroscience that underpins our ability to get and stay motivated. In this report, you’ll learn exactly how motivation actually works on a biochemical level and more importantly, you’ll discover how you can manipulate that process to your own ends to manifest your top goals and desires of your life.

Personal Transformation Mastery

This Ebook will empower you to stay focused, set goals, and targets.

It’s a perfect guide to enhance your performance and quality of life.

Download Now >>>


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And if you still ask, Why we designed "TRANSFORM" Program? Read further...

One of the MAIN OBJECTIVE of this program that no other course or coaching program can deliver, that is "You will earn the power to do, conquer, and enjoy anything and everything that you desire in life", and SK himself, his close friends and family are the the real-life examples of attaining that POWER to Master Our Destiny and experience the Inner Greatness!

These are the 10 compelling reasons why you’ll love and master this program. We redesigned “TRANSFORM Program along with The Vision Planner” though many such programs and planners are available on the market.

#1 The Art of Dreaming Big - Create a Big Vision for Life. Get everything that you want in life.
You will discover the importance of dreaming big and how you can convert that dream to a burning desire. When you have a burning desire, the vision planner will enable you to visualize your long-term Vision, advise you step-by-step to design a plan, and empower you to take massive action. This planner will turn your dreams into reality.
You will turn your dreams into burning desires and establish a clear long-term VISION. Well, vision without action is a daydream and Action without Vision is a nightmare. Remember this!
#2 Master The 10X Mantra: Mastering the financial process behind the art and science of creating a 10X Vision to achieve 10X Growth, 10X Lifestyle, and earn 10X Income.
With the VPA Planner, you will develop a 10X vision, pursue 10X growth, and generate 10X income. How? You will discover, learn and master how to create a Strategic Business Model for your business and 10X LIFE 2.0 for your personal lifestyle. Visit to learn more.
The 10 Building block of 10X Mantra is integrated as 10X Life, 10X Mindset, 10X Vision, 10X Plan, 10X Careers, 10X Entrepreneur, 10X Business, 10X Growth, 10X Income to achieve 10X Lifestyle over all.
#3 To Balance Six Pillars of Life: Health, Wealth, Relationships, Love, Peace and Happiness.
The TRANSFORM Program will help you realize the importance of and balancing your six pillars of life: health, wealth, relationships, love, peace, and happiness. Its primary objective is to guide you toward achieving harmony in life. You may pick your Top 3 and work on it the FIRST 90 days, and over the year, you would have experienced the real meaning and outcomes of living a balanced life. With the help of ancient yoga practitioners in India and US, we have designed a basic yogic transformational model. With the teachings and blessings from Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, we have also blended Pranic Healing techniques with the help of International Pranic Healing Experts.
The blend of Hatha Yoga, Conscious Meditation, Priming (by Tony Robbins) and Pranic Healing (teachings of Grand Master CKS) we will help you connect you with your higher soul consciously, which in-turn is tightly connected with the nature and the Supreme Universe itself. You will discover and experience how the six pillars of your life is interconnected with the six elements of nature. And you will practice cleansing, energy healing, and empowerment through your six components of human-form - Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, Chakras, and Higher-Soul.
#4 Discover and Master The 10 Levels of Success: Let’s figure out your success level. This is the first step in identifying your current position and visualizing where you want to be. The success levels chart will help you fill it out so you can always see where you are and where you want to be. Ensure that your goal is, however, realistic and achievable. When you have determined your current level, you can plan accordingly and set milestones that will help you achieve level 10 Success in 5 to 7 year.
It introduces the novel concept “10 Levels of Success” so that you can gain clarity and awareness of what level you are on while guiding you to make plans to achieve the levels you desire. It also adopts the two most universally accepted concepts: The 10 Laws of success and the 10 Laws of attraction reengineering by SK and his team. This concept of 3-in-One effect is called The Trilogy of Ultimate Success. Your life goal and #1 long-term vision is to empower yourself to achieve Level-10-Legacy Success while balancing the six pillars of life and this is an Ultimate Success one can achieve in their life.
We will begin with Level 1: Success Foundation, Level 2: Personal Success, Level 3: Career Success, Level 4: Professional Success, and Level 5: Entrepreneur Success, and you can reach Level-10-Legacy Success eventually when you climb up the ladder, step by step, level by level at your own pace. All depends on where you are today.
#5 Next Gen Visionary Tool: Designed by Visionaries for Visionaries. Why we call it next gen tool? The Law of Success and Trilogy was only available for the high-end people due to its complexity and steep learning curve. Perhaps, it was made available and applicable only for the elite. But now, SK has redesigned, reengineered, and made it quite simple, relatively easy, applicable and usable by anyone and everyone from the age of 15-95 years until you pass, now available across the world for all - the rich, poor, and the ambitious ones.
It is a practical tool that was under research and has undergone continuous development for more than eighteen years. It was designed by a group of successful entrepreneurs, top executives, and professors from Harvard and Carnegie Mellon University to help and empower professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries of the 21st century. It was first and originally introduced to the Doctoral Students of the California Intercontinental University founded by Dr. SK, since 2005. Then VPA was made available as the first course (First Core Subject / Course) at all levels - Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Students. Then VPA was extended to employees, faculty and deans of CalUniversity and entrepreneur members of United States Global Entrepreneurs Association since 2009. Now, we have made this program and tools available to all ACE members (formerly USGEA), clients, vendors and members of SK Group of ventures worldwide.
The TRANSFORM Program, VPA Handbook, and The Vision Planner Series of Journals, Planners and Business Planning software, along with other bundle of books and courses for Level 1, 2 and 3 and so on...will be readily available on stores this year. It's truly transformational and our #1 Vision is help, enable and empower 100,000 employees and professionals to become rich and successful Entrepreneurs and Visionary Leaders in the next 5 years. We want to create 100,000 Millionaires in 10 years, which will drive and bring $100 Billion Dollars to our fast growing economy.
#6 Powered by VPA Model: Every Country, Government, Corporate, SME Companies, Major Projects including Science, Technology, Math, Engineering, Manufacturing, and literally everything was invented, discovered, designed, and built purely based on a clear long-term VISION. Without a Vision, there wouldn't be the world full of innovations that we are enjoying today. And I am sure you won't try to dispute with me on this!
Most importantly, the VPA Planner utilizes the Vision–Plan–Action model where you state what you hope to achieve, plan how you will achieve it, and then persistently take massive action. The beauty of the VPA model is its universal applicability and should be used by those who seek success. It is helpful to young adults, employees, entrepreneurs, senior executives, and mainly students and working professionals of all age groups. VPA is your roadmap to lifelong success.
We will make full use of the VPA Model. The first step is to visualize your long-term VISION: Clearly define your #1 Dream, your chief aim, and your 10X Vision, and then break it down into goals and targets to achieve. Then, create a Strategic PLAN (90 Days to 1 Year): Once your Vision is visualized, plan your course of action for the next 90 days as monthly targets and weekly tasks. The final step is to take massive ACTION as soon as possible and consistently monitor your progress on a daily basis. Each of these stages must be done with dedication to assure 100X Success in less than a year.
#7 ADVISE Method: This program and the planner offers you a clear path toward success and will ADVISE all the users, mainly CEOs and entrepreneurs, to design a blueprint to achieve their VISION. The ADVISE method helps you build perseverance and tenacity throughout your life. The ADVISE method provides you with the following: Accountability, Determination, Vision, Innovation, SIMPLE Strategy, and Ease of Use!
The Vision Planner is your trusted accountability partner and helps you build determination in pursuing your health and wealth objectives in turn to achieve your overall goals. With this planner, you will be held accountable for all the decisions made toward achieving success. You can conveniently track your progress and know exactly when you are slacking and need to pick up the pace. We often spend a lot of time talking about our hopes and dreams but do little or nothing to make them come to fruition—we procrastinate. Accountability improves your performance and helps you make steady, consistent progress toward realizing your dream. This is what the VPA Planner will help you achieve as your companion.
Determination 􏰩 􏰩􏰛􏰛􏰲􏰰􏰎􏰌􏰩􏰰􏰙 􏰤􏰚 􏰨􏰚􏰩􏰛􏰪􏰩􏰨􏰘􏰙 Determination leads to focus and that allows you to do better quality work at a faster rate. When you are determined to complete a specific task, you tend to focus and achieve more. This planner will keep you laser-focused as you strive to achieve your number one vision. With determination, you are dedicated and focused to complete one thing and one thing only.
#8 Set SIMPLE Goals: It helps you understand the importance of the Keeping It Short and Simple (KISS concept) based on SIMPLE strategy in goal setting designed by our core team. SIMPLE strategy enforces you to create your long- and short-term goals that are specific, achievable, measurable, and so on.
This planner comes with the strategy and principles that will help you achieve your goals in the simplest way possible. It will help you understand the pillars of life, the KISS (Keeping things Short and Simple) concept, the 5R principle, and the laws of success that you need to consciously apply to ensure that you attain the highest level of mastery and success. VPA planner is based on the KISS concept. It helps you create simple weekly and monthly targets to achieve your quarterly milestones (chief aim) and your annual vision. Your must set - Specific (Goals) - Ideal (Achievable Targets) - Measurable (Tasks) - Progressive (Timelines) - Leverage (Teams) - Enhance (Productivity)
Let’s Keep It Short and SIMPLE - Clarence Kelly Johnson, a lead design engineer at Lockheed Skunk Works reportedly coined the term KISS in the 1960s, originally meant “keep it simple stupid”. This concept is also widely known as keep it short and simple. This is why it’s imperative you keep your goals simple. When you do that, the goal setting and management process does not have to be seen as rocket science. Also, SIMPLE strategy will help you learn the process of chunking goals. TRANSFORM Program will help you learn ‘how to chunk big goals down into achievable steps.’
#9 Apply The 5R Principle: Daily RITUAL, Daily ROUTINE, Daily 1% RULE, Daily REPETITION, and frequent REINFORCEMENT is popularly known as The %R Principle.
You will be advised to create a “rock-solid daily routine,” rituals, follow 1% rule, repetition, and reinforcement. For the very first time, you’ll experience the 5R principle in action. This principle increases your overall performance and productivity one hundred times, and also increases the power of your subconscious mind, which in turn automatically enforces you to achieve “mastery” in multiple areas.
This represents your five daily routines that will cover all aspects of your life. These R’s include rituals, routines, the 1% rule, repetition, and reinforcement which play a very important role in how your day will shape up. Dedicating a couple of hours every day to these activities will prove effective in achieving your goal. All of your daily activities for the next 365 days cannot be centered on achieving your goals. So, you need to take some time out every day to develop yourself or have some fun. Some of these activities might include:
#10 Achieve 100X Productivity: Apply 1/90/90 Rule - your #1 Project for 90min a day for 90 days will increase your performance and grows up to 100X-500X productivity
With this planner, you will learn how to optimize your VPA for maximum efficiency, measure performance, and increase productivity across teams. Overall, it increases the operational accountability of every person in the organization, mainly the leaders, thereby it leads to 100X productivity and 100X success.
You will learn to master the 5R principle and Time-Blocking technique: Apply the 5/60/15 rule. Block five 60 minutes every day toward your top five tasks to achieve your top five SIMPLE goals.

The 10X Mantra starts with your purpose of life, your big vision, and your mindset to achieve significant growth by setting goals and targets that are 10 times greater than what you believe you can achieve. Please find the ten components of 10X mantra. To achieve 100X productivity, you must take massive actions that are 10X greater than what you believe are necessary to achieve 10X Vision. In short 10X Vision times 10X Action yields 100X productivity, which is equivalent to 100X success.

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4-in-One Combo

The Vision Planner Black – Entrepreneurs Edition (90 Days Undated Planner x 4 Quarters – ONE Year)

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4-in-One Combo

The Vision Planner White – Entrepreneurs Edition (90 Days Undated Planner x 4 Quarters – ONE Year)

80% OFF | ₹2,499.00 | Buy Now
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