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It’s time to start a New LIFE 2.0

LIFE 2.0: Luxury, Independence, Freedom and Empowerment.

Discover LIFE 2.0


It's easier to live a luxurious life than you might think. Simple changes to your daily routine, breaking those bad habits and learning that it's ok to put yourself first lead to more freedom, space, better relationships, quality products and a luxury lifestyle.


Every time your trust was shaken, you probably thought of becoming independent. So, your thoughts of independence, most likely, stemmed from disappointment. Now! It's time to become independent of all.


Freedom of time and money is your ability to travel and do what you want, whenever you want. Achieving financial freedom is a goal for many people. Set life goals, both big and small and create a blueprint for achieving those goals.


Whether it’s art, education, job, career, love, relationship, lifestyle, money, food etcetera, you must be self-empowered to find something that you love and care about. It's time to "Empower Yourself and Stay Positive" at all times!

MASTER Your Destiny!

MASTER Your Destiny!

Total Transformation Mastery!

MASTER Your Destiny with Shaan Kaye: Your Grandmaster in Entrepreneurship!

“MASTER – Marketing | Action Plan | Success Mindset | Technology | Entrepreneurship | Rebranding.

If you want to become a successful CEO / Millionaire Entrepreneur, then you must MASTER these 6 advanced skills delivered by SK.


Digital Marketing Mastery


In an increasingly digital world, mastering marketing isn’t an option; it’s a necessity. The Digital MBA program by SK gives you a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing strategies, trends, and tools. It’s designed to equip you with knowledge about market viability, SEO, content marketing, social media, and more at a CMO Level, ensuring you have the skills to navigate and thrive in the digital landscape. Learn more


Vision Plan Action (VPA)

Action Planning

Action is at the heart of every entrepreneurial journey. Without it, visions remain dreams and plans remain in limbo. Our Certified VPA Coach program empowers you to master the art of taking massive action by creating a robust VPA – Vision, Plan, Action. Guided by Dr. Shaan Kaye, this program ensures that you don’t just set goals, but actively move towards achieving them. Learn more


CEO Mastermind

Success Mastermind

Success isn’t just about achieving business goals; it’s about personal growth and transformation. The TRANSFORM 360 program is a comprehensive approach to cultivating a success mindset by empowering yourself by being around other CEOs chaired by Dr. SK. The CEO Mastermind program aims to inspire you to transform your life holistically – from your thoughts and habits to your actions and results, leading to total transformation mastery. You will develop a 10X Growth, Visionary Mindset with Billionaire Qualities. Learn More


Unicorn Startup Program


In a rapidly evolving world, merely keeping up with technology is not enough; you must lead with disruptive innovation. Our Idea to Innovation – The Billion-Dollar Unicorn Startup Program catapults your dream from an idea to a reality. Under the guidance of Dr. Shaan Kaye, you are empowered to create a billion-dollar app within a mere span of 90 days. Navigate the trials of the start-up sphere, decode the intricacies of fundraising, and construct a robust, scalable business model that is poised to disrupt the market. Discover how to master the science to become a CTO, CMO, CIO, or CEO. Learn more


GOALS Program


The GOALS Program at encourages you to think beyond borders. The acronym GOALS stands for Global Operations in America to Leverage and Succeed. It’s a program tailored for visionaries ready to take on the challenge of global entrepreneurship. With the mentorship of Dr. Shaan Kaye, you’re equipped to launch, leverage, and lead in the international business arena. The program focuses on growing your business in the three largest economies in the world – the USA, China, and India. As a participant, you become part of a new wave of entrepreneurs who redefine success on a global scale. Learn more


Personal Branding

Rebrand Yourself

Building a successful venture is as much about the brand as it is about the product or service. Our “Brand Yourself” initiative helps you become an Author Entrepreneur. Publishing your own book isn’t just about sharing your knowledge; it’s about gaining trust and credibility, building your reputation, and increasing your visibility. With our guidance, you can publish your book in 90 days and leverage the power of branding to boost your entrepreneurial journey. Learn more

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Top 6 MASTER Programs for Emerging Entrepreneurs

#1 Marketing - Digital MBA Program

Introducing Digital Marketing Professional Master Course:

Are You A Sales Or Marketing Professional? Do You Want To Get Recognized As A “Certified Digital Marketing Professional” Do You Want To Become A Digital Millionaire Entrepreneur?

Congrats! You have made the right decision. It’s now your turn to build a multi-million dollar digital marketing business in less than a year. You’ve been dreaming about this. You deserve this. And now we’re gonna help you make it happen.

The “Digital Marketing Professional” master course was exclusively created for marketers, sales professionals and Lifestyle Entrepreneurs. If you are looking to grow your career in sales and marketing or venture into the new world of digital marketing business opportunity, then this master course is your Best Choice because it includes all the top 10 courses covering the major Digital and Social Media Marketing platforms.

#2 Action - Certified VPA Coach

Introducing Certified Professional Coach Master Course

Are You An Expert Or Professional Or Trainer? Do You Want To Be Recognized As A “Certified Professional Coach.” Do You Want To Become A Digital Millionaire?

You’ve thought about it, right? You’ve imagined yourself sitting at the help of a million dollar online business. You’ve been dreaming about this. You deserve this. And now we’re gonna help you make it happen.

The “Certified Professional Coach” master course was exclusively created for professionals who are subject matter experts, trainers, instructors, faculty, teachers or anyone who has some capabilities, expertise, know-how and any expertise that can solve a problem for a potential audience or target group.

#3 Success - CEO Mastermind Program

The CEO Mastermind Program

The Unicorn Startup and CEO Mastermind Program is designed to help SMEs and Non-Tech Entrepreneurs to unlock their full potential through expert guidance, tailored mentorship, and powerful connections driving success.

Participating in the CEO Mastermind Program, Chief Executives and Entrepreneurs will gain valuable insights into launching Global Operations in America to Leverage and Succeed (GOALS), creating a blueprint for 10X growth, crafting business plans to raising venture capital, developing pitch decks, and mastering the art of storytelling for scaling high-growth startups. Additionally, participants will learn how to build realistic financial projections, understand business valuation models, master capital management, raise venture capital, and approach investors for global expansion.

#Technology - The Unicorn Startup Program

Ignite Your Startup’s Journey To Billion-Dollar Success With The Unicorn Startup CEO Mastermind Program

The Unicorn Startup CEO Mastermind Program is a prestigious, highly sought-after initiative designed for ambitious entrepreneurs who are determined to transform their innovative ideas into billion-dollar ventures. This exclusive program brings together a carefully curated group of visionary CEOs, industry experts, and successful entrepreneurs who collaborate, learn, and grow together, propelling their startups to unparalleled heights.

Through the Unicorn Startup CEO Mastermind Program, participants gain access to invaluable resources, insider knowledge, and high-value networking opportunities, all aimed at fostering rapid growth and success. In addition, the program offers personalized guidance, global exposure, and cutting-edge insights that help participants stay ahead of the competition and revolutionize their respective industries.

In summary, the Unicorn Startup CEO Mastermind Program is an extraordinary opportunity for driven entrepreneurs to tap into a powerful network of like-minded individuals, acquire crucial skills, and unlock their startups’ true potential on the journey to creating a billion-dollar unicorn.

#5 Entrepreneurship - Go Global, GOALS USA Program

Shaan Kaye Unveils The GOALS Program: A Revolutionary Solution For Tech Entrepreneurs Eyeing US Expansion

The GOALS program guides everyone to bridge the gap between international tech professionals and the US market, offering participants the insights, skills, and connections they need to succeed if they decide to expand their business and launch their international operations in the USA.

This innovative program provides a unique opportunity for participants to navigate the complexities of the US market and succeed in the highly competitive tech industry. The GOALS program offers three key benefits:

  1. Personalized Guidance: Participants receive personalized mentorship from Shaan Kaye and other industry experts, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate the challenges of entering the US market.
  2. Cognitive Consulting: The GOALS program encompasses business development, cognitive consulting, and a curated world tour that includes visits to leading tech hubs and exposure to top industry segments. This multifaceted approach provides participants with invaluable insights into the US market.
  3. Tailored Support: The program offers customized assistance, addressing the unique needs of international entrepreneurs and providing them with the skills, tools, and strategies required to excel in the US tech market.

Global Operations in America to Leverage and Succeed (GOALS) presents a comprehensive business development, Advanced Boot Camp (ABC with SK) and Cognitive Consulting program, empowering international tech entrepreneurs to establish in the United States market.

#6 - Rebranding - BRAND Yourself Program

Become A “BRAND Authority” Earn Credibility And Recognition. Become A Well-Known. Author Entrepreneur. Publish Your Book In Just 90 Days! Become An Amazon Best-Selling Author Entrepreneur!

Why Become An Author Entrepreneur? Why BRAND Yourself?

Become “THE BRAND”

  • Benchmark: Set Standards And Aim For The Highest Quality.

  • Recognition – Gain Instant Credibility And Authority.

  • ACE Player – Become Extraordinary And Play The Top Game.

  • Network – Grow Your Contacts And Convert Them Into Clients.

  • Demand – Create A Market Demand For Your Brand.

Become a Strategic Franchise Partner

These franchise opportunities are more than just business ventures – they are platforms to influence, empower, and make a difference. Come, partner with us, and let’s redefine success together. I hope this fits your needs. Let me know if you need any revisions or further assistance.

#6 - Become a SK Lifestyle Franchisee

Embrace the power of digital marketing by partnering with us and launching your own SK Lifestyle Franchisee. Our proven models and strategies will give you an edge in the competitive digital marketing landscape. Through our robust support network and leading-edge technology, you can establish a successful digital marketing agency in the US and India, shaping brands and businesses to meet the dynamic demands of the digital world. Schedule a Meeting with SK. 

Step into the $300 billion digital marketing industry with the SK Lifestyle Franchisee. Our data-driven and result-oriented strategies have brought success to businesses across various sectors, driving an average of 200% growth in their online engagement. This is your opportunity to steer brands toward digital success in the expansive markets of the US and India, aided by our proven methodologies and incessant support.

#7 - Become a SK Studios Franchisee

Ever dreamt of owning a YouTube TV Media Channel? SK Studios can turn that dream into reality. Become an influential voice in the digital media world by launching your own YouTube TV Media Channel in the US and India. We provide you with the tools, training, and technology needed to deliver high-quality content that resonates with audiences globally. Schedule a Meeting with SK. 

Video content is projected to make up 82% of all online content by 2025. Harness this digital revolution by partnering with SK Studios to launch your YouTube TV Media Channel. Our industry-leading expertise will equip you to create compelling content that attracts and retains viewers, creating a significant impact in the vibrant digital landscape of the US and India.

#8 - Become a SK Media Franchisee

Elevate your digital entrepreneurship with SK Media. We offer you the chance to launch an all-encompassing digital agency, providing services from e-commerce and app development to social media management. Create a thriving e-commerce brand store in the booming markets of the US and India. Harness the limitless potential of the digital market with the backing of SK Media’s proven strategies and support. Schedule a Meeting with SK and Team.

The global e-commerce market is set to hit $6.54 trillion by 2024, reflecting a growth that you can tap into with SK Media. As a franchise partner, you’ll launch an e-commerce brand store, while offering top-tier app development and social media management services. With our proven business model, you’ll be perfectly positioned to capture a substantial share of the digital market in the US and India.

#9 - Become a SK Institute Franchisee

Be an agent of change with the SK Institute. Launch a Success & Knowledge Institute and empower a generation of students, fresh graduates, and job seekers with the tools to achieve a 10X Career. With exclusive career paths designed by Dr. Shaan Kaye and team, you have the opportunity to shape lives and help individuals thrive in today’s competitive job market. Schedule a Meeting with SK and Team.

With 87% of employees worldwide feeling disengaged at work, there’s an urgent need for career guidance and professional fulfillment. This is where you come in with the SK Institute. You’ll equip students, graduates, and job seekers with unique skills for top-tier, high-growth careers, designed exclusively by Dr. Shaan Kaye and his team. Your influence will shape lives and build the workforce of the future.

#10 - Become a SK Publication Franchisee

Join us in our ambitious endeavor to create 10,000 Author Entrepreneurs. With SK Publication, you can help CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Successful professionals write, publish, and launch their book in just 90 days. Under our ‘Brand Yourself’ program, you can empower individuals to establish their brand authority, gain recognition and credibility. Schedule a Meeting with SK and Team.

Embrace the power of print with SK Publication. You’ll be on a mission to create 10,000 Author Entrepreneurs, tapping into a book industry that generated over $26 billion in 2020. Through our ‘Brand Yourself’ program, you’ll help individuals elevate their credibility, establish their brand authority, and become leaders in their fields.

#1 Unicorn Startup Program

Do You Want To Become A Billionaire Entrepreneur?

Billion-Dollar Unicorn Startup Program

$100 Million Sales

We will transform your idea into Innovation that can become a $100 Million Dollar Sales Engine.

$1 Billion Valuation

Master the art of valuation, venture capital investor negotiation. Don't settle for us and at the same time, don't lose the deal. Become a deal maker.

Venture Capital

The art of raising venture capital is a continuous process until you raise your first-round series A venture capital funding. Maybe you should qualify for a incubation or seed funding before that.

Pitch Deck

Before getting ready for the venture capital road-show, you must prepared yourself to meet the sharks. Billionaires and millionaire investors are like sharks and you must win their hearts and pull their attention by mastering the art of story-telling.

Billionaire Mindset

You must develop the Entrepreneurial Traits and Leadership Qualities to run a Billion-Dollar Venture.

Business Plan

We will help you create a business plan that will empower you to raise Series A venture capital.

75% OFF | Learn More...

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