MBA 360

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This bundle is MBA 360 in paperback and the ebook format. Since the bundle is concerned with the management aspect the audience to are mostly from that category. It is directed to management professionals from diverse professions. The MBA 360 bundle concentrates with simple, highly effective, tools to be applied to management or business goals in minutes by creating an effective method to track, monitor and control all phases of your business. This bundle gives the millennial manager or entrepreneurial leader everything it takes to succeed.



  • Arouse the dormant management leader to rising entrepreneurial activity
  • Eliminate the fear factor get educated!
  • Maximize management success
  • Enrich yourself with the valuable experience by real world people.
  • This package highlights steering through negativity to positivity
  • Evolve into the multimillion dollar mindset of winners
  • Be a management success
  • The theme of this bundle is kickstarting and launching into the stream of activity and self-conscious action.

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