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An Ultimate "Strategic Knowhow (SK) Mastery"

Discover The SK MASTER CEO Programs!

  1. Marketing 

  2. Action Planning

  3. Success Mastermind

  4. Technology Automation

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Marketing (Digital)

DMBA Program: Master the art and science of Digital MARKETING Strategy: Management, Advertising, Rebranding, KPI, Ecommerce, Technology, Innovation, Networking, GTM - Go To Market. Master the 10X Growth Strategy.

Action Planning

Certified VPA Coach: Vision Plan Action Mastery. Create a Long-Term VISION document. Create a VPA Action Plan. Master the art of designing a Business Plan and Pitch Deck that can raise Venture Capital for your Billion-Dollar Unicorn Startup Venture. Eventually become a "Certified Master Coach."

Success Mastermind

CEO Mastermind was designed for Non-Tech CEOs and Entrepreneurs. It's a Total Transformation Mastery Program. The main VISION of the program is to empower "Business Owners" to achieve 10X Growth and earn 10X Income. The Mastermind consists of 10 building blocks to develop a successful business.

Tech (Billion Dollar App)

The Unicorn Startup Program was designed to create 1000+ Billion-Dollar Unicorn Startups in India and Worldwide over the next decade. This program was primarily designed for Technopreneurs and Silicon Valley Startups. Earn $100 Million Revenues by raising $100 Million Dollar Venture Capital Funds.

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