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Why Is The Year 2024, The Best Time To Become A Solopreneur ?






Are You An Expert Or Professional Or Trainer?

Do You Want To Be Recognized As A “Certified Professional Coach” ?

Become Your Own BOSS !!

Do You Want To Develop A Business With NO EMPLOYEES?

Solopreneur Program

 Why Should you Enroll ??
 Why Should you Enroll ??
 Why Should you Enroll ??
 Why Should you Enroll ??
 Why Should you Enroll ??
 Why Should you Enroll ??
 Why Should you Enroll ??
 Why Should you Enroll ??


There are many reasons for you to be a part of this “Certified Coach Program.”
This professional course is specifically designed for experts who are subject matter experts, mentors, educators, faculty, instructors or any person who has a set of skills that can take care of an issue for a potential crowd or target gathering.


Sharing your knowledge is divine and gurus say it’s the way to achieve immortality.You can make somebody see beyond their cutoff points and guide them to accomplish enormity.

You can become a tycoon not for lucrative purposes but for what you love to do.A good coach can make improvements but an expert coach can bring in transformation

Project Delivery Model


Coaching |Consulting | Collaboration


Our mastermind programs are exclusive to elite CEO’s and lifestyle entrepreneur programs includes weekend bootcamps, monthly / quarterly workshops, seminars, strategic advisory and mentoring services


10X development demonstrating is our vital consulting practice gaining popularity among our members’ companies triggering business growth.


Our team of experts can help you find the right channel partners to collaborate with you for expansion and device a global business development, regional and national expansion strategy.


Methodology | Masterclass | Mastermind | Mentorship | Membership


This program pursues the Quantum LEAP Growth procedure. You will learn and rehearse a 10X development pattern for your business. A strategic know-how on how to develop document vision, plan and action.


Our trainers and experts are well equipped with the process and strategy. Get access to the extensive knowledge from the mentors for an ideal hand holding for reaching your objectives and targets.


Be a part of our brainstorming session with like-minded people. Envision the greatness of the session with thoughts and inventiveness, throughout the session. It is an incredible open door for business visionaries to conceptualize their ideas.


Most striving entrepreneurs don’t get mentorship from top-notch leaders. Dr. Shaan Kumar, with enthusiasm for business visionaries, will offer his mentorship services to the affiliates who stand on merit.


Avail membership in the prestigious ACE community for entrepreneurs. ACE offers a range of capital advantages for their members.


Strategy | Support | Success


Get secure VPA layout and rules on the best way to utilize them religiously to achieve development and accomplishment in innovative entrepreneurial endeavors.


Receive personalized email and phone support for the entire duration of the program.

Success Levels

Accomplish 10 degrees of long-lasting achievement, by getting familiar with the ten pillars of progress.


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