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Top THREE Programs | Spring 2022

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SK Mastermind + Masterclass + Mentoring

Accelerated Boot Camp (ABC), Live Coaching, and One-To-One Mentoring Delivered by SK himself. Do Not Miss This Life-Changing Opportunity. Limited Seats!

#1 BRAND Yourself Program

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#2 Author Entrepreneur Program

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#3 Pitch Perfect Program

The Pitch Perfect Program 2022 is designed exclusively for “Disruptive Entrepreneurs and Qualified Startups” who are eligible to raise Angel Investment and or Series A Venture Capital.

Raise Venture Capital Prepare a Pitch Deck.

The Pitch Perfect Program is year-long coaching, consulting, and collaboration program that consists of FIVE Phases:

  • Phase 1: Accelerated Boot Camp for the CEO and Co-Founders.

  • Phase 2: Create a Disruptive Business Model, Highly Innovative Technology, Products, Solutions, and Services Models.

  • Phase 3: Official Launch or Relaunch a Disruptive Startup to achieve a Million Dollars in revenues.

  • Phase 4: Create a Business Plan, Projected Financials, Investment Deck that includes Pitch Deck to raise Angel or Series A Funding

  • Phase 5: VC Roadshow: Prospecting suitable investors, sending Executive Summary and Investment Memo. Venture Capital Roadshow: Getting the Founders ready and scheduling meetings to pitch in front of prospective private equity and venture capital firms.

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REAP 2022: Rebranding Entrepreneurs via Authorpreneur Program.

  • Publish Your Book In Just 90 Days

  • Become A Brand Authority

  • Earn Recognition and Credibility

  • Increase Your Customer Base

  • Achieve 10X Growth and earn 10X Income.

Do you want to achieve 10X Growth and earn 10X Income?

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Become An

Author Entrepreneur

1-Day Workshop

Publish Your Book and become an Amazon Best Selling Author



Awesome Value

Pitch Perfect
1-2-1 Consultation

Schedule A One-to-one consultation with SK and his team for creating an innovative business model, business plan, financial projection, and pitch deck. Get ready and prepare yourself to get Angel Funding and or Venture Capital.



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Brand Yourself

1-Day Workshop

Publish Your Book in 90 Days, Create your own online course, and Become A Brand Authority.


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Book 30 min. FREE consultation with SK.

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