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“Certified Professional Coach”

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“Certified Coach”

Win The “Best Entrepreneur Award” In Few Years!

Become A VISION Coach

Discover, Learn, and Master the THREE Life-changing Magical Words - "VISION PLAN ACTION." Create a Big VISION for your life. Master VPA Course. "Become A Certified VPA Trainer" in just 30 days. Once you demonstrate that trained your first 100 VPA Clients and Students, then you will be "Awarded and Accredited as Certified VPA Coach" delivered by SK University.

Become A LIFE Coach

Discover and Learn "The 10 Levels of Success" and Master the Level 1 - Foundation for Success and Level 2 - Personal Success, which starts with "The Triad - Motivation, Affirmation, and Success Habits", then you will complete "Mindset Mastery", and How To Balance The Six Pillars of Your Life. You will also learn and master "The Total Transformation Mastery" and help your students (any age group) to Start Fresh - A New LIFE 2.0 and empower them to launch a New Career filled with joy and happiness.

Become A SUCCESS Coach

Discover and Learn "The Trilogy of Ultimate Success" and Master the 10 Levels of Success, the most advanced and well structured Legendary SUCCESS Strategy. Become a Strategic Alliance Partner and Franchisee of Success Institute in just 90 Days days. Once you delivered and trained two batches of 'Success Unlimited Program", you will then be "Accredited as Certified SUCCESS Coach" delivered by SK University.

The “Certified Professional Coach” Program is brought to you by ACE Network and SK University

Get Certified, Stay Recognized.

Why Become A

Certified Coach?

Every Founder/CEO must become the brand of their company. BRAND YOURSELF – Become a Brand Ambassador of your Coaching and Consulting Company. Going through a certification program will give you proven tools and techniques to help your clients succeed. You already have a wonderful foundation, but your tool box will be better equipped to handle any situation, so you can more effectively empower your clients to move forward and achieve their individual goals.

Boost Your Reputation

Create a Big VISION. Make a PLAN to grow 10 times. Prepare yourself to take massive ACTION. A Coaching Certification Will Add Proven Tools and New Techniques. Your Coaching Certification Will Establish Legitimacy. The Certified Professional Coach Program is delivered by Dr. Shaan and accredited by SK University. We will help you create New Business Opportunities and Our Coaching Certification Will Open Doors!

Gain Visibility

When clients begin their search for a trainer or coach, they will look at a number of things: your philosophy, your previous experience, testimonials from past clients, and mainly your certification credentials.

Earn Credibility

Becoming a certified coach will get you much more than just an education. You develop connections that can become invaluable as you progress in your career. You will meet and develop new relationships to you grow your business.

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Think Like A Brand

Why Become A BRAND?



  • Benchmark: Set standards and aim for the highest quality.

  • Recognition – Gain instant credibility and authority.

  • ACE Player – Become extraordinary and play the top game.

  • Network – Grow your contacts and convert them into clients.

  • Demand – Create a market demand for your brand.

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